Crafting can be a fun hobby that is very rewarding in so many different ways. However, you should know many things before you get started. If I would have known what I know now, I would still have started crafting. I would have just gone about things in a slightly different fashion. Hopefully, these tips and things you should know will help you out before you begin your journey into this beautiful, colorful, cluttered, and addictive hobby.

Watch Your Wallet!

It all starts the same way. One day you are sitting around and you think "I bet I could learn how to scrapbook. It looks fun and easy!" So, you head to your nearest craft store and you spend $20 or so on a basic scrapbook, some pages, and a few packages of neat looking stickers. You go home and you spend all day putting together a few very pretty and basic pages. You watch some YouTube videos and you make this pretty thing. Then it hits you, with these items you can do even more. Then you are off to the craft store again. This time you spend $50 or even $75 on stickers, glue, scissors that make pretty edges, border paper, and so on. Next thing you know you have two huge plastic tubs of supplies and you are making scrapbooks of your kids, your dog, your family, vacations, and anything else that you can think of.

Betcha Can't Have Just One!

Now you are a scrap-booking genius. Everyone around you knows it, but you've been doing it a while and you are ready for something new. So, you head on over to the craft store (people are now referring to you by name cause you've been there so much) and you check out what else they have to offer. Then you notice it, that sign right there in the front of the store that catches us every time. They have craft classes to learn new things! So, you sign up for a class or two and you learn more useful skills like crocheting, knitting, and beading.

Wow! Now you have all kinds of things that you can make! The bank account continues to drain as you start buying up skeins of yarn, needles, beads, wire, pliers, and all other kinds of tools of your new trades. Soon, you will find yourself needing a whole new room in your house that is completely dedicated to your unyielding creativity. Your home, car, and office will be littered in crafting supplies. Partially started projects will adorn all areas of your life because unfortunately crafting gives everyone a little bit of an attention problem. We want to make all the things and there is never enough time to finish them all.

The Rewards of Crafting

Now that you are a crafting master, it is time to share all these wonderful things that you can do with your friends and family. This has both its good and bad points. Of course they will love all the awesome things you are making. They will appreciate them as holiday gifts and love each and every hat, sweater, and scarf you make for their birthdays. However, they will see you as a resource as well.

Soon you will find yourself not only swamped with all the wonderful things that you want to make for yourself, but you loved ones will be coming to you left and right to ask you to make things for them. Why pay tons of money to DeGeneres stores when you have your own personal crafting genius that can make that awesome costume for you? This is when you have to stand up for yourself and realize your own personal worth. It's great to make things for people, but your time and the supplies are not something that is free. If people respect your crafting ability, they should be willing to pay you for all your hard work.