Sometimes you get tired of family movie nights and crave something a little more hands on. Why not try something different and get a little more creative? Kids of all ages will enjoy exploring their artistic side with these fun crafts.

Thumbprint art- Younger children and toddlers can have fun getting messy with paint. Help them arrange their thumbprints in the shape of a flower, or draw on faces and limbs to make funny little creatures. This adorable art is perfect for making a homemade card to send to grandma and grandpa!

Wind chimes- Wind chimes can add some whimsy to your yard. Look for old items around your house that you can repurpose for this craft. Old eating utensils or metal measuring spoons clang together nicely. Maybe some nuts and bolts or washers from dad’s tool shop in the garage. Or that bag full of seashells you brought back form the beach and forgot about. Get creative and use anything that makes some noise. Help the kids string the items along a wooden dowel and decorate as you see fit.

Giant Lawn Dominoes- Combine craft night and game night! Cut rectangles out of wood beforehand. Make your rectangles 6 inches by 1 foot and not too thick so they don't get too heavy. Stain the wood, then paint on lines and dots to make dominoes. A double six set of dominoes requires 28 tiles. From now on family game night can be outdoors.

Garbage bag kites- For this simple craft all you need is a garbage bag, two sticks, ribbon for a tail, and a kite string. First tie the sticks together in the shape of a cross. Next cut the garbage bag into a diamond shape to fit your sticks. Tie the corners of the sail to the ends of the sticks with string. Add the ribbon for a tail. Last attach the kite string. It must attach to the kite in 3 locations. On either end of the horizontal stick as well as at the bottom of the kite. have these three strings meet and tie onto the main string that you hold from the ground. Find a windy field and have fun!

Tie dye- Even teenagers love tie dye! Mix up your dyes and head outside because this gets messy. Get a tie dye kit at any craft store, and don't just limit yourself to t-shirts. The whole family might like matching tie dye socks, pillow cases, or towels.