Children react well to structure and responsibility. It teaches them basic fundamentals and helps shape them for a successful future. Having your children help around the house is a great way to start teaching them responsibility at a young age.

Chores don't have to be a punishment. Help your kids be involved by building a chore chart with stickers or offering an incentive or allowance at the end of each week. Also, keep in mind the things your child excels at or enjoys. You don't want to set them up every week for failure or disappointment. Here are a few easy tasks they can help with.


Dusting is relatively easy. However, if your child is especially young, there will be times you need to follow in their footsteps at a later time or date. A duster can even make dusting fun. Plus, kids can visually see the progress they are making and feel accomplished.

Set the Table

Setting the table is a great way for kids to help, if they can reach the dishes. Consider a small step stool if they can't. It's simple enough for them to do on their own. Plus, it keeps them busy for a little bit and not repeatedly asking when dinner is ready.

Fold the Laundry

A child folding laundry can make for some interesting stacks. This is a chore for parents who aren't overly concerned with straight edges and symmetry. Oftentimes, kids hate putting away their laundry and forget to put dirty clothes in the hamper. Folding laundry can help them remember as they discover the time involved in doing the laundry.

Take Care of the Pets

This is a chore you'll want to check up on. You certainly don't want your dog going without food or your fish swimming in filth. However, caring for another living being is an excellent way to teach responsibility. Start small by asking them to keep their water dish full. When they're older they can clean out tanks and cages, or take the dog on a walk.

Clean Their Bedroom

A clean bedroom will help improve everyone's lives. Your kids can find their homework easily or those shoes they lost. It will definitely improve your sanity. Plus, they need to understand their space is a reflection of them. Happy Maids, a residential cleaning company, suggests that over time, keeping a room clean will translate to helping keep a house clean.

Responsibility can help improve your child's life in so many ways. And, as an added bonus, it just may make your life better too.