Research finds that when children are allowed to use their creative talents, then they can learn more effectively, perfect the art of self-expression, invent new ways of thinking and problem solving and gain improved self-confidence.

Children enjoy having fun, being in the moment, and if food plays a role in the process, well, it can't get any better than that.

That's why many parents have become attracted to crafts that use food. Kids absolutely love when food in all its shapes, colors, sizes, scents and tastes get a key role in craft-making. Creating at their own pace is the best way for children to develop their mental, social and emotional fine tuning.

Modeling clay, paints, crayons and glue are all traditional art supplies, but when edible materials are incorporated into the picture, kids go crazy over the delicious possibilities.

Studies have shown that when children receive too much screen time such as watching television or using the internet, these visuals can deter divergent thinking. More than two thirds of children under six spend an average of two hours a day using some type of electronic media.

Getting back to food and basics are fun things to share with children.

Hand-Painted Corn Tortillas

Corn tortillas become the canvas, lettuce leaf tied in a bundle is a paintbrush, drops of food coloring mix with water into ice cube trays, etc.

Kids will have a ball creating colorful tortilla masterpieces. Then bring on the quesadillas.

Fruit Loop Sand Art

A bowl of dry Fruit Loops cereal can be crushed into pretty sand art designs. Have the kids separate all the colors into piles. Then take a rolling pin and have them crush the cereal into sand-like texture.

Pour the different shades of sand into glass bottles for cool designs or create art drawings, etc.

Grape And Toothpick Sculptures

This is a cute concept that requires a bunch of green grapes and a box of toothpicks. Children will really like creating little architectural designs out of this simple craft.

Grapes are sturdy and easily pierced by toothpicks. It's a healthy snack, and building with toothpicks is tons of fun.

Mini Jello Aquariums

Make a box of blue jello according to directions. Pour half-way into plastic cups, and refrigerate for two hours. After that, let kids place a couple of gummy fish into the blue sea with a toothpick. Chill another two hours.

Then adorn the aquariums with dollops of whipped cream to create splashing waves.