Getting a good night's sleep is harder than it has any right to be. Unfortunately, the world never seems to want to slow down to let you get your precious rest. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. Below are five tips to snooze away those sleepless nights.

Get Some Exercise

Having trouble falling asleep? You might not have been active enough during the day. People who exercise more regularly tend to sleep better. If you're finding it hard to fall asleep, try to incorporate some light exercise at night. You don't have to hit the gym, but a walk around the block might help you more than you realize. When you're body's actually tired, you can fall asleep more easily.

Get a Better Mattress

"When you first bought you mattress, it was probably very comfortable. By this point, though, it might not be the right fit for your body", says Ben's Furniture, a mattress store in Atlanta. It might be too hard, too soft, or just bent out of shape by years of use. One good way to get some sleep and not wake up in pain is to find a new mattress that fits your current sleeping style. You might be surprised by the innovations in mattresses since the last time you went to a mattress store.

Cut Out the Caffeine

Sorry, coffee junkies - one great way to help yourself fall asleep is to cut out the caffeine at night. Even a soda can keep some people awake for hours, so it's time to switch to decaf. In addition to caffeine, it might help to cut out the sugar. Once dinner is over, you might have to deal with the fact that your new drink of choice will have to be ice water.

Take Time to Relax

It's harder to fall asleep if you are busy before hitting the bed. Plan out time for yourself every night to really relax. That means no television and nothing else exciting - just a few minutes for you to turn your brain off. This will help you drift into dreamland with greater ease.

Create a Routine

Once you find a way to fall asleep, stick to it! Don't vary your schedule by the day. Instead, pick a bed time and a night time ritual and make it your new habit. This will help train your brain to let you sleep.

There are many ways to get a good night's rest, and it's up to you to find what works. Remember, you really can control how well you sleep. You just have to put in the work before your head hits the pillow.